Exhibition Stadsmuseum Woerden: Louis Favre - A world full of color

Louis Favre - A world full of color

Saturday May 4th 2024 t/m Sunday September 1st 2024

This summer, Stadsmuseum Woerden is dedicated to the colourful work of Louis Favre (1891-1956).

Favre lived in Paris and Lyon, but spent part of the last eight years of his life in The Hague. He taught himself to paint and produced lively portraits, interiors and still lifes. In his paintings and prints, he experiments with exuberant colours. He was admired worldwide for this, but after his death he fell into oblivion.

A collector from Woerden has made it her mission to put Louis Favre back on the map. She does this by putting connoisseurs in touch with each other and organising regular exhibitions. Now it is Stadsmuseum Woerden's turn to welcome Favre with open arms.

This exhibition will be accompanied by free entry tours on the 1st and 3rd Sunday and the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Starting at 2pm.

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