BON VOYAGE - 100 years of travel sketching of Cornelis Vreedenburgh and 3 contemporary artist

Saturday May 13th 2023 t/m Sunday October 8th 2023

In the summer of 2023, we will take you on vacations of the past and of today. We tell the story... read more

(UN)MEASURABLE WATER, 8 contemporary artists reflect on the relationship between people and water in our region

Saturday October 22nd 2022 t/m Sunday March 5th 2023

In 2022 we celebrate 900 years of water management in the Netherlands and the 700th anniversary... read more

Jubilee exhibition ‘Woerden 650 years city rights’

Saturday May 21st 2022 t/m Sunday October 16th 2022

Everything you will see in this exhibition is related to the 650 year jubilee of Woerden city... read more

COWS - in art and at the Woerden cow market

Sunday October 3rd 2021 t/m Sunday May 15th 2022

From 3 October onwards cows in paintings and sculptures from the 17th century to the present will... read more

I paint with light. Hans van Ommeren, photographer

Saturday June 5th 2021 t/m Sunday September 19th 2021

This summer the Stadsmuseum Woerden will be showing photographs by Hans van Ommeren (1948 -... read more